High Head Type Submersible Sump Pumps EAH Series
Product Model:
  1. It uses VCT cable. You can add AC motor protector. It will prevent open phase, motor reverse and motor rotation blockage those abnormal situations.
  2. This series uses dual mechanical seals which is better sealed and better water proof structure that can increase product life span.
  3. Special impeller design which increases performance and efficiency. It is suitable for high head requirement applications. It is lightweight and compact that makes it easier to use and maintenance.
  4. Motor, shaft, screw and strainer are using stainless steel material which increases wear-resistant property.
  5. You can add float switch (Only below 2HP/1 phase). It can make submersible pump automatically start and stop. It will prevent dry running situation occurs.


  1. Construction sites, factories and basements drainage.
  2. Sewer, agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry waste water drainage.
  3. Slope land, small pit and river transportation.

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temp.:+0~+40C.
  2. Liquid Temp.:+0~+40C.
  3. Operating Submergence: Max.10M.
  4. No 24hrs continously running.
  5. No use in sea water.


  • Output: 1HP~3HP
  • Motor protection: IP68
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Pole: 2P
  • Voltage: 1Phase110~240V; 3phase 220~415V
  • Discharge: 1"~2” (3" Discharge is available per special request)
  • Max.Head: 35M
  • Max.Capacity: 450 LPM
  • Solid Passage: 3.3~5.5MM