Evergush is one of the leading submersible pumps manufacturers in Taiwan and lists a series of submersible pumps for many different applications to meet client's need.

The submersible pumps we provided must perform as specified, meet the highest industry standards and have a long service life. The Submersible Pumps category includes heavy duty pumps, ejector pumps, sewage pumps, dredge pumps, grinder pumps, cutter pumps, mixer pumps, stainsteel steel pumps, dewatering pumps, axial flow pumps, deep wellbore pumps.

  • Building waste water treatment system, sewage treatment plant, community market, sanitary sewer.
  • Drainage waste water from paper industry, dyeing industry, foodstuff industry, leather industry and iron and steel industry.
  • Fishery, animal husbandry, dairy farm, piggery, fecal sewage tank and industry water supply. Other sewage or sump treatment system.
  • Oxygen aeration of wastewater for wastewater treatment.
  • Oxygenated for aquaculture, such as fishing farming or shrimp farming or hydroponics applications.
  • For multi-storey buildings, apartments and factories pressure boosting use. Set up in basement in a water storage tank.
  • Agriculture irrigation.
  • Delivering groundwater from deep well, river, hot spring, lake.

Evergush provides high quality and competitive price submersible pumps to meet customer's needs. If you have interested in Evergush's submersible pumps, please don't hesitate to contact us.