Portable VFD Constant Pressure Pump VIC Series
Product Model:
  1. All-in-one booster pump set: The constant pressure pump set is mainly consisted of stainless steel multi-stage pump, valve,  pressure tank, and inverter (VFD).
  2. Constant water pressure provided, and the pressure is also adjustable. No water hammer in piping system.
  3. Compact design for saving space; Low noise operation to uplift standard of living.
  4. Electricity costs saving: Inverter (VFD) will change motor speed and depending on water volume consumption.
  5. Dry-running detection: It can protect motor from burnout since water shortage occurs, to extend the life of pump.
  6. Clean water provided: Main pump parts are rustless material to ensure safe and clean water supply.


  1. Directly auto boost water pressure to the house, villa,apartment, restaurant, school, beauty shop,..etc.
  2. Auto boost water pressure to garden sprinkler, heater, toilet, washing machine, reverse osmosis device.

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient Temp: 0~40°C
  2. Liquid Temp.: 0~60°C
  3. Drinking water ,tap water, or other non-corrosive clean liquids without abrasives.
  4. Working Pressure: Max.6 BAR
  5. Suitable for indoor installation,to avoid being exposed to sun and rain.


  • Power: 0.5HP~1HP
  • Motor protection: IP54 or 55
  • Motor Insulation: F
  • Voltage: 1 phase 220V*60HZ ; 1 phase 220~240V*50HZ
                 (No 1phase 110V or 3 phase design)
  • Inlet diameter: 1" or 1-1/4"
  • Outlet diameter: 1"
  • Pressure set: 1.3~3.0 bar
  • Max.Flow rate: 133 L/min