Evergush domestic pumps list a series of pumps for many different applications. Power specifications is from 1/4 to 5 HP. We also offer customized domestic pumps to meet client's needs.

The domestic pumps meet the highest industry standards and have a long service life, the range includes auto booster pump, CPU-controlled auto booster silent pump, VFD constant pressure pump, jet pump, self-priming pump, pipe booster pump, Sub. Pond Pump, sea water pump, and swimming pool pump.

  • Water transfer from underground cistern or shallow well to overhead water storage tank of the house or residence.
  • Auto boosting water pressure for sanitary equipment, heater, toilet, kitchen, washing machine, shower room in the house, residence, apartment, villa, and mansion.
  • Fish pond or Garden landscaping circulation water supply.
  • Water circulation and transferring for swimming pool.

Evergush provides high quality and competitive price domestic pumps to meet customer's needs. If you have interested in Evergush's domestic pumps, please don't hesitate to contact us.